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Apple puff puddings and updatingness

I’m having a relaxing afternoon, catching up on some paperwork and quotation sheets, so I thought I’d do a mini update for you all! Where to begin…

I’ve had quite a few cake parties lately, and they’ve been so lovely! Plus, quite a few of them have been in my lovely Chatter Box, which is always brilliant because it allows me to take care of the couples (and family) and have everything ready for them, unlike when I visit their homes. I love either way, but its always handy to be armed with all my examples and give them an idea of the process I go through to make their cake.

I’ve got to say…I’m already missing wedding fairs! I don’t have another one until the first weekend of January, which isn’t too far off, but it feels like SUCH a long time. I miss chatting away to couples, meeting other suppliers and having a giggle. Come on January!!

On another note, I have a little bit of cool news to show you guys. I have just been featured in Your Sussex Wedding magazine (on sale at the end of this month I think) as one of their experts 🙂 they just sent through a pdf of what it will look like. Luckily I haven’t seen my headshot yet, but that will be a laugh when I get it in the post!


So thats pretty nifty 🙂

Ooh and I have bought a few new bits n pieces for some dessert tables 😉 I’ll show them off soon.

Last but not least, I have a little recipe for you guys if you need a quick and easy pud to keep you warm!

Apple and cinnamon puff pud

For 2-3 people

1 packet of ready-roll puff pastry
2 apples
1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
3 tsp brown sugar

1) Put oven on to 200 degrees.
2) Peel and chop up your apples into small chunks and pop into a saucepan.
3) Add the sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg into this mix, and put onto a medium heat.
4) Cook for a few minutes until just starting to soften, then take off the heat.
5) Unroll your pastry, and with a round/square pastry or cookie cutter, gently mark (not cut!) out 3 (or more if you want them smaller) shapes in a row. This should be so you have them all on one side, and have enough pastry opposite to fold over these shapes that will have your apple in.
6) Place a medium amount of your apple mixture into the centre of these shapes, but don’t over-fill them, as it needs to be similar to ravioli – enough space to seal around the filling.
7) Fold the non-marked pastry over your piles of apple so they are totally covered.
8) With the same size cutter you used before, ensuring there is enough pastry around your filling, cut out your ‘ravioli’ like pudding. With a fork, gently seal the pastry around the sides by pressing down repeatedly on the edge, pushing the two sheets of pastry together.
9) Cut a small ‘x’ into the top of your pastry to allow steam out throughout cooking, and pop them onto a baking tray. Sprinkle a little brown sugar on top of each.
10) Cook for around 15-20 minutes until golden brown, and remove from the oven. Leave to cool a little, then EAT!

Sorry I don’t have a photo for this recipe – they all got eaten too fast! Hope the recipe makes sense 🙂


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What a week!!!

This past week has been totally horrendous! I seriously think that I must have broken a mirror at some point and not realised, because the amount of bad luck I’ve had has had me on a fine line between hysterical laughter and floods of tears. A little tightrope with cake at either side! I kept on laughing though…but it was tough. Let’s start from the beginning….

1) I was working really hard last sunday on a display cake, and managed to pull a muscle in my back, that has been terribly painful since, and still is now. I know that makes me sound like such an old lady at the age of 22. In my prime I tell you! It is so bad at points that it simply hurts to breathe. I had to take two days off of work to lay in bed because of this, with the knowledge that I had two wedding cakes due yesterday and today. Eeeek!

2) An on-going medical condition decided to flare up mid-week, making me need to go to A&E at 8pm until 11pm. Luckily it wasn’t anything too bad, but gosh I was nervous it was! The waiting room tv adverts at the hospital kept me and Mr CC entertained.

3) Generally with the cakes I’ve just completed, the weather effected my icing and baking quite a lot. However, thank goodness, they came out beautifully in the end. Some of the best cake flavours so far (and a lot of ganache along the way!). Mmm ganache. I made myself my own mini pot of it to keep me happy haha.

4) I get to the wedding venue yesterday to deliver the cake and its all ready…just putting the cake onto the stand…. *CRACK* yes. The cake stand snapped in half! I mean…how?! I’ve used it plenty of times before with it being absolutely fine, but today it just didn’t want to cooperate. I had to drive all the way back to the Chatter Box and back to the venue with a new one. Phew!

5) I got to the venue today, which was quite a journey away from me compared to usual. I didn’t realise, but today, as well as being bank holiday, was also a local festival. The venue happened to be on the main high street. You know those tiny villages/towns that have cobbled lanes and very ‘crammed’ houses together. That was the high street, with the addition of lots of tourists enjoying the weather, and excited at the wedding cars and photographers taking up the road. So, wanting to get in there quickly to set up and get out of the way, I parked up. 30 minutes later I returned to my car, feeling relieved that this weekend was over. Stepped into the car…turned the key….*clunk clunk spleeehh* 
…the battery was completely dead.
So the bride was due to turn up within the next few minutes, and I was parked almost in the way with a car that was dead as a dodo. Helpfully, the local male shop owners stood by chuckling at me whilst I sat there quite shocked at this happening. Long story short…thank goodness for the AA. Even if I had to buy a new car battery, they saved my sanity today.

Believe me, there were many more little things that went wrong, including the legs falling off of the modelled groom at one point, which was actually really quite funny.

However, I got it all done and everyone was happy 🙂
I got some lovely feedback from the wedding parties, so thats all that matters.

What were the cakes like? Well here they are:


Done done done!
I’ve got another cake due on wednesday, to an old school friend’s fiance, and a cake party on thursday. Busy busy bee. Then a week later is something I’ve been looking forward to for months….Belle’s vintage Wedding fair in Hove. Wonderful themes, creative wedding suppliers and a great atmosphere. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the bank holiday evening everyone x

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Birthday cake and such!

So today is mine and Mr CC’s birthday. Woo hoo! 22 years old…and guess what…

I had to take a 2 hour nap half way through the day. Old lady or what! I was so tired from the last week, plus my health being quite bad (nothing food related btw!), that I needed to catch up on the rest.

Anyway…we’ve had a lovely day, and just gobbled up a take-out curry from our favourite curry house. Whilst my stomach is resting from the over eating of today, I thought I’d update.

I had some present opening with my parents this morning, and gave Mr CC his gifts. I had bought him personalised stainless steel chopsticks, and also made a personalised photo frame out of computer keyboard buttons, which spelt out various things such as ‘happy birthday’ and our names 2012. However, every year we are competitive with our present giving to each other…and I think that Glenn waaaay out-did me this year…

Get this…he spent the last month making me…


Cake maker Tess goes on a mission to rescue a wedding cake from evil cake monsters in time for the wedding. How awesome is that??

On top of that, he also bought me a green hoodie with a slice of cake on the front – a reference to the computer game Portal, which we both loved.

I also made us a birthday cake and cupcakes. The main cake was white chocolate mud cake, with cherry buttercream and fresh cherries, with a chocolate ganache finish. This was made because Mr CC’s favourite ice cream is Cherry Garcia! The cupcakes are marble, with white chocolate (blue) buttercream….and superheros…



So all in all, a wonderful day. Restful, surprising and full of my loved ones.

I wish I could show you all that Chatter Cakes game… 😀

Best wishes friends x

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Wedding cakes and birthdays

Hello you lovely people of the blogging world 🙂

Sorry it has been a few days again since I last updated. You would not believe the amount of things that have gone wrong this past week! The wedding cake that I have been working on simply did not want to cooperate with me, particularly as they were:

a) Mini cakes (*starts running for the hills to get away from the darn things*)
b) Gluten free mini cakes (*is now sobbing on the other side of the hill*)

Now I love mini cakes – in theory. They are great little things…if I wasn’t the one making them! Still…I managed to get it all done and delivered in plenty of time today. There wasn’t brilliant lighting for taking photos, but here is what I did get…

I hope the happy couple had a lovely day. The venue looked lovely, and the groom looked so happy when I saw him before I left.

In other news – its mine and Mr CC’s birthday tomorrow!! Yay! I’ll be 22, and he will be 28. I’ve had such a mad year, where no week was anywhere near predictable. My life has completely changed…in some ways great, in others…well, they still need working on. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what my 22nd year will bring.

So for tonight thats it – but I’ll be updating soon with birthday related images 😉

Best wishes x

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Dedication cake

This is one tired baker reporting back on todays cake delivery. I’ll keep it short, and if you start to see something like this:


…I’ve fallen asleep 😉

The Dedication cake I’ve been working on was due this afternoon, and I was actually staying for the whole thing. Lovely people, lovely words said, and people really seemed to like the cake. So all in all, yay! Here is the cake:


For some reason wordpress seems to be messing with the colours a bit, but it was a light teal-ish colour, with darker blue detail. The three top blocks were dairy free mini madeira cakes, and the top two tiers were Madeira, with the bottom one being rich chocolate. Om. I was the one who had to cut the cake up, which I never like doing in all honesty. All those hours of work – GONE in less than half the time, with only a trail of crumbs to mark its existence. And some photos. And happy people munching. Ok, a little dramatic, but you know what I mean! In all fairness, I was the popular one with the kids for a short amount of time 😉  oh yes.

I have vowed to have a relaxing day tomorrow, but I am starting the day with a meeting with an owner of a cake shop down the road from me who may need my services…very exciting! I do love meeting other people in the baking industry, I get way too enthusiastic haha. Though, and Mr CC and I were discussing this earlier, I would love to meet Jamie Oliver. I think hes fab, and would love to talk about all the amazing things he does in the food industry. One day!!!

I feel a yawn coming on, so that is my sign to log off.
Much love x

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