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Mmmm crumble!

So the sun have been out a little today – but its still SO cold! C’mon spring…where are you hiding??

A few weeks ago I bought an iddy, diddy little purple pot for 99p, which I just couldn’t resist. I’ve been trying to find a reason to use it ever since, and today, ladies and gentlemen, was the day!!

Here is my recipe for a very quick and easy Blueberry Crumble (for those days where you need to rustle up a fast pud):




(Dairy Free) Blueberry crumble

Frozen blueberries (as many as you want to cram into your own dish)
1/2 lemon (juice)
Sprinkle of sugar

100g plain flour
50g Vitalite (or other dairy-free margarine)
50g light brown or caster sugar

1) Preheat oven to 190 degrees
2) Put blueberries into a bowl, and mix with the lemon juice. Tip into your baking dish.
3) Sprinkle the sugar onto the fruit evenly – I leave the amount up to you as to how sharp the berries are and how much sugar you feel is right for you (I didn’t add much – keep my weight down haha)
4) In another bowl, add the flour and margarine together and combine with your fingers until resembling bread crumbs. Add sugar and keep combining. Topping done!
5) Sprinkle the topping over the fruit, covering it up.
6) Bake for around 15 minutes, until the topping is golden and you can see the fruit underneath bubbling. Om nom nom.

Nice warming treat 🙂

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Fancy some zebra??

Last night I really fancied doing some baking. SHOCKING? Not really! Lately I’ve been trying to loose a little weight (hah. hah.), so I’ve been resisting doing any extra baking that isn’t for Chatter Cakes. However, yesterday I felt like it has been too long! I missed blogging to you guys *whimpers a little*

So I made an excuse to do a little baking, in the form of a bake auction to my facebook and twitter followers! I’ve been waiting for ages to make some Zebra cake – and no, no Zebras were harmed in the making of it. They were just my style inspiration 😉

Unfortunately my lovely loyal camera lens has died, and I’m needed to go buy a new one, so this was taken on my iphone. Not the best quality, but it gives you an idea of the tastiness that is zebra cake. It is vanilla and chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream.

Now, I didn’t really know how much I would get for it in the bidding…I kind of assumed around 50p as people would want cheap cake! However, a group of lovely ladies bid really nice amounts for this treat. The winner, Flossie, had her cake delivered this morning 🙂

Today, I have one of my wonderful Brides coming round for a little baking session which will be FUN! I’ll blog about what we get up to, including photos. I wonder what we will end up making…

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

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What a week!!!

This past week has been totally horrendous! I seriously think that I must have broken a mirror at some point and not realised, because the amount of bad luck I’ve had has had me on a fine line between hysterical laughter and floods of tears. A little tightrope with cake at either side! I kept on laughing though…but it was tough. Let’s start from the beginning….

1) I was working really hard last sunday on a display cake, and managed to pull a muscle in my back, that has been terribly painful since, and still is now. I know that makes me sound like such an old lady at the age of 22. In my prime I tell you! It is so bad at points that it simply hurts to breathe. I had to take two days off of work to lay in bed because of this, with the knowledge that I had two wedding cakes due yesterday and today. Eeeek!

2) An on-going medical condition decided to flare up mid-week, making me need to go to A&E at 8pm until 11pm. Luckily it wasn’t anything too bad, but gosh I was nervous it was! The waiting room tv adverts at the hospital kept me and Mr CC entertained.

3) Generally with the cakes I’ve just completed, the weather effected my icing and baking quite a lot. However, thank goodness, they came out beautifully in the end. Some of the best cake flavours so far (and a lot of ganache along the way!). Mmm ganache. I made myself my own mini pot of it to keep me happy haha.

4) I get to the wedding venue yesterday to deliver the cake and its all ready…just putting the cake onto the stand…. *CRACK* yes. The cake stand snapped in half! I mean…how?! I’ve used it plenty of times before with it being absolutely fine, but today it just didn’t want to cooperate. I had to drive all the way back to the Chatter Box and back to the venue with a new one. Phew!

5) I got to the venue today, which was quite a journey away from me compared to usual. I didn’t realise, but today, as well as being bank holiday, was also a local festival. The venue happened to be on the main high street. You know those tiny villages/towns that have cobbled lanes and very ‘crammed’ houses together. That was the high street, with the addition of lots of tourists enjoying the weather, and excited at the wedding cars and photographers taking up the road. So, wanting to get in there quickly to set up and get out of the way, I parked up. 30 minutes later I returned to my car, feeling relieved that this weekend was over. Stepped into the car…turned the key….*clunk clunk spleeehh* 
…the battery was completely dead.
So the bride was due to turn up within the next few minutes, and I was parked almost in the way with a car that was dead as a dodo. Helpfully, the local male shop owners stood by chuckling at me whilst I sat there quite shocked at this happening. Long story short…thank goodness for the AA. Even if I had to buy a new car battery, they saved my sanity today.

Believe me, there were many more little things that went wrong, including the legs falling off of the modelled groom at one point, which was actually really quite funny.

However, I got it all done and everyone was happy 🙂
I got some lovely feedback from the wedding parties, so thats all that matters.

What were the cakes like? Well here they are:


Done done done!
I’ve got another cake due on wednesday, to an old school friend’s fiance, and a cake party on thursday. Busy busy bee. Then a week later is something I’ve been looking forward to for months….Belle’s vintage Wedding fair in Hove. Wonderful themes, creative wedding suppliers and a great atmosphere. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the bank holiday evening everyone x

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