A dog-filled update!

So I wanted to do a quick blog update on a slightly different topic today….


A friend from university has such an adorable dog called Magnus, who was turning one year old this week. I know how much Magnus means to her, and I know she has been a little down in the dumps lately, so I thought I’d send him a little birthday treat in the form of homemade dog biscuits (peanut butter ones!). Here are the wonderful photographs she took of the party they held for him and his cute siblings:





Seems they went down well!!
The biscuits are made with ingredients that are dog-friendly, and were actually fine for humans too. Thats the good thing about homemade dog treats – if a child was to find one and take it, it would be harmless, unlike a lot of the shop-bought treats.

So much love goes out from the Chatter Cakes studio to Leanne and Magnus today 🙂

Oh and on another note – I may well be having a new logo designed soon….watch this space! 😉

Happy tuesday everyone x


Chatter Cakes is one!

Today my lovelies, is….

CHATTER CAKE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! *starts pulling party poppers and candles out of the cupboard*

…*realises its not a real person*…

But its still so exciting that I’ve reached my first year of business. I would never have guessed things would take off so well and fast, and its simply amazing. I’ve found my perfect job, met some amazing people – customers and fellow wedding suppliers alike – and done something that I never thought I’d do at my age. So, in my soppy way, I’m very proud of my little company. So proud…that I made a cake!!


If I’d known you were coming I’d have…


Having a lovely day off, just cut up the birthday cake (chocolate and salted caramel) and off to town in a little while.

I do apologise for the lack of blogging lately – it has been much much busier than I had imagined it to be, with more and more cake parties being booked before christmas. Now that things are going to hopefully slow down a little nearer xmas, I’m hoping to get more time to do some other baking to chat about 🙂

Happy baking everyone! x

Busy as a bee!

Wow what a busy few week I’ve had! Not only busy, but pretty amazing too. Lets start with this time last week…

I had such an amazing dessert table order from a lovely lady for her little boy’s 1st birthday. I met with her and discussed a ‘seaside/sailboat’ theme. Instantly I knew in my head what the table would look like, and I had to stop myself from *sqweee-ing* every time I sorted each item out. So cute.


Seaside dessert table


The food selection…

It has been one of my favourite projects so far, and I really felt that it was appreciated, which is always brilliant 🙂

So I’ve been working on two wedding cakes this week, both of which I will update with photos soon. Both the same colour scheme, but very different styles. Today has been particularly great however, as I got an email from a popular local hotel who has chosen me to be their recommended cake maker! Chuffed to bits, especially as the hotel is quite a special one to the family, as my great grandparents celebrated their golden anniversary there. As well as that, I’ve had some amazing wedding cake requests lately…what creative couples!! I’m so excited for next year already.

So this weekend, as well as being in wedding cake delivery mode, I also will be exhibiting at the Brighton Amex Stadium wedding fair on sunday! It’s going to be a manicly busy day, but I’m pretty excited.

Oh no, my laptop battery has just flashed up as its about to die. Best end it here lovely readers…talk soon 🙂 x

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I’m back!

I know it has been such a long time since I last posted, so sorry readers! I do have good excuses (yes there is more than one). My health hasn’t been perfect lately, but I’m working on that and after a bit of hospital TLC, I’ll be fine 🙂 I’ve also been a busy bee with more cakes, fairs and cake parties.

So what am I up to next?

I’ve got a wonderful order for this weekend coming, which I’m dead excited about. All I will say about it is very design-based, not just cake and for some lovely people. Photos will follow, I promise. I also have my last wedding cake of the year next week – as far as I’ve got in my diary anyway – which is for a very sweet couple who only live up the road from me. It should be a very pretty cake – and square for a change.

The day after that comes the AMEX wedding fair!! Oh my, I can just tell already that it will be a manic day. I’m sure it will be fantastic, and I do hope I get the chance to meet some of the other lovely suppliers. As for couples…oh I always meet lovely ones 🙂 if you know of anyone in Sussex getting married, send them in the direction of the Amex stadium, Brighon, on the 14th October!


To my delight, I will have a stall at Belle’s Bridal Bizarre in Brighton on the 20th October. I really can’t wait, as it feels like I’m with family at any of Belle’s events, and that really shines through to the couples in my opinion. Ooh ooh and I had this lovely comment from one of the brides from the last fair:

We actually also really like you; when we met you, you were so calm and friendly and so nice about the allergies! So plus your gorgeous cakes, you sold us chatter cakes!


Things like that make my job just…amazing 🙂

Anyway, away from being soppy…

I’ll try to get some new bakes up on here soon, as the big orders are starting to slow down for the year. Any requests??


Ooh and here are my new postcards:


The day after the Vintage fair

Hello my chatty friends!

So sorry for being absent for a little while. I’ve been mega busy, as per usual. 
I was exhibiting at the wonderful Belle’s vintage wedding fair yesterday, which I had been looking forward to for ages. You’ve got to love it when both exhibitors and couples are really into the theme, and there was such a buzz from it. There wasn’t one bride I wouldn’t love to work with for their big days. 


My stand at the fair

I had so many lovely comments on my cakes and stand. Just hope that turns into wedding cake orders! I get so excited talking to the brides about what they want. Ooh and lots of couples seemed really interested in my dessert tables. I had two new cakes up as well:


Ruffles cake


Floral wedding cake

Oh, and me and my wonderful helper couldn’t help but abuse the Boutique photobooth:


Silly times…

Phew, what a busy weekend!
So today I had a VERY last minute order for a birthday cake which had to be ready for 3pm. I rustled up a little vintage hat box cake. Wish I’d had a little more time, but I still have a soft spot for this one:

ImageSo my life has been cakes, cakes and more cakes! With a few couples mixed in 🙂

On top of that, I’ve found a wonderful recipe for a microwave mug cake. I shouldn’t like this really, as a cake maker, but for a little fix of chocolate goodness…oh, I love it. Take a look!

Anyway, I’m off to get my beauty sleep. Long day tomorrow, with a lot of cupcakes to decorate.

Night everyone x

What a week!!!

This past week has been totally horrendous! I seriously think that I must have broken a mirror at some point and not realised, because the amount of bad luck I’ve had has had me on a fine line between hysterical laughter and floods of tears. A little tightrope with cake at either side! I kept on laughing though…but it was tough. Let’s start from the beginning….

1) I was working really hard last sunday on a display cake, and managed to pull a muscle in my back, that has been terribly painful since, and still is now. I know that makes me sound like such an old lady at the age of 22. In my prime I tell you! It is so bad at points that it simply hurts to breathe. I had to take two days off of work to lay in bed because of this, with the knowledge that I had two wedding cakes due yesterday and today. Eeeek!

2) An on-going medical condition decided to flare up mid-week, making me need to go to A&E at 8pm until 11pm. Luckily it wasn’t anything too bad, but gosh I was nervous it was! The waiting room tv adverts at the hospital kept me and Mr CC entertained.

3) Generally with the cakes I’ve just completed, the weather effected my icing and baking quite a lot. However, thank goodness, they came out beautifully in the end. Some of the best cake flavours so far (and a lot of ganache along the way!). Mmm ganache. I made myself my own mini pot of it to keep me happy haha.

4) I get to the wedding venue yesterday to deliver the cake and its all ready…just putting the cake onto the stand…. *CRACK* yes. The cake stand snapped in half! I mean…how?! I’ve used it plenty of times before with it being absolutely fine, but today it just didn’t want to cooperate. I had to drive all the way back to the Chatter Box and back to the venue with a new one. Phew!

5) I got to the venue today, which was quite a journey away from me compared to usual. I didn’t realise, but today, as well as being bank holiday, was also a local festival. The venue happened to be on the main high street. You know those tiny villages/towns that have cobbled lanes and very ‘crammed’ houses together. That was the high street, with the addition of lots of tourists enjoying the weather, and excited at the wedding cars and photographers taking up the road. So, wanting to get in there quickly to set up and get out of the way, I parked up. 30 minutes later I returned to my car, feeling relieved that this weekend was over. Stepped into the car…turned the key….*clunk clunk spleeehh* 
…the battery was completely dead.
So the bride was due to turn up within the next few minutes, and I was parked almost in the way with a car that was dead as a dodo. Helpfully, the local male shop owners stood by chuckling at me whilst I sat there quite shocked at this happening. Long story short…thank goodness for the AA. Even if I had to buy a new car battery, they saved my sanity today.

Believe me, there were many more little things that went wrong, including the legs falling off of the modelled groom at one point, which was actually really quite funny.

However, I got it all done and everyone was happy 🙂
I got some lovely feedback from the wedding parties, so thats all that matters.

What were the cakes like? Well here they are:


Done done done!
I’ve got another cake due on wednesday, to an old school friend’s fiance, and a cake party on thursday. Busy busy bee. Then a week later is something I’ve been looking forward to for months….Belle’s vintage Wedding fair in Hove. Wonderful themes, creative wedding suppliers and a great atmosphere. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the bank holiday evening everyone x

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A little tip from me to you…

So today I have discovered a quick, cheap and SUPER EASY way of achieving a wonderfully level cake straight from the tin.

Now, normally I wouldn’t have a huge problem with having a slightly domed cake. After all, this means I can just cut it level and munch on the scraps later that day. However, thats just naughty! The suffering us cake makers go through. For my weights sake, and to save wasting cake and time, this new technique is fab. Very simple:

1) Cut a piece of foil that is roughly 2″ wide and around 4″ tall (or an inch above the height of your cake mix in the tin).

2) Bit by bit, start folding over the foil – along the width – so that you end up with it being 4″ long and rectangular.


3) Fill your tin with the cake mix, and once you’ve levelled the mixture as much as possible, push the foil into the middle of the batter, so it just stands up straight. Bake as per usual. This foil distributes the heat better throughout cooking, so you get a more even bake. Which leads to this:


Happy baker!!

Sorry for the rubbish photos – I did them later in the day on my phone. It just gives you an idea. Let me know if any of you try this and how it goes for you 🙂

My back is still VERY painful, but I managed to get 3 cakes baked and marzipaned, the modelled bride and groom are nearly done and roses are half done. There is always SO much to think about when you have two wedding cakes (or any cakes really) due within two days. Thank goodness I’m organised and like making lists!

Chat soon lovelies x

When it rains it pours!

So here I am…lying flat in bed! I did a lot of piping work over the weekend, and somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back. I think I didn’t move around enough, and was too busy concentrating! So for the last two days, I’ve been stuck in bed because any other movement hurts. Horrible 😦

I managed to get some work done today though, with the help of a heat-pad, which was a great relief. I have two wedding cakes due this weekend, so I need to get on with things! Luckily, I had pre-prepared some of the decorations, and the fruit cakes are already made in advance, so thats a little stress off. Phew. 

Here is a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to:


Detailed piping work

Much to my delight – The Great British Bake Off it back on tv at the moment. So I’m off to watch it 🙂


Cookies galore!

So in amongst creating an arsenal birthday cake to deliver tomorrow for an 18th celebration, I decided to bake up some cookies. Half were a little gift for my sister and her other half, as they are home for a little while…



These were vanilla biscuits with vanilla royal icing, and a brushed embroidery design. Secretly, it was a little opportunity to practise on this….though I rushed it a little, as I kept being interrupted!

The other ones, I’ve made with a girl I went to school with in mind. She is pregnant and actually a few days over due and sounding fed up, so I’m off to deliver these to her soon. Not that she knows that lol. 



Shes expecting a little boy – so you can see the idea!

So I better head out to deliver these treats before it gets too late in the evening 🙂

Best wishes x

‘Tea cosy cake’…


Well, at least thats what someone called it today! This was a birthday cake for my step-dad. Chocolate madeira cake with vanilla buttercream. It was only a small cake, so I didn’t get to use all three gradients of green that I had prepared, but oh well! I’d love to have a go at this technique on a bigger scale sometime. The pattern is made out of buttercream. It is one of those techniques that is weirdly calming – probably down to it being so repetitive.


Top view

So I’m sitting here in the Chatter Box waiting for a fruit cake and madeira to finish baking. This is one of those nice quiet moments, where I can just reflect on what has been going on, and what I have ahead of me. Its been a day of organising, which is fab. I sorted out my folders, cleaned everything from top to bottom in the studio and planned the rest of the week. I’ve got two cakes due…one football themed and one based on a childrens show (shame its actually one of the shows that REALLY freaks me out…more than even the Teletubbies!). 

Wish I had a recipe to share with you all, but I’ve been so busy, all I have at the moment are photos of the finished cakey product! 

Best wishes everyone x