Busy busy busy



But when am I not busy?! 

So I’m just about to start baking for friday’s wedding cake (which I actually get to go to!), but I thought I would do a little blog to show what I’ve been up to! Its been a particularly manic week, with two wedding cakes being delivered over the Easter weekend. Let’s go one by one…

1) The first cake was for the lovely Tess and Jack, who were getting married in The Tin Tabernacle in Barcombe, Sussex. What a seriously adorable venue it was! They were wanting a rustic ‘naked’ cake to fit in with their decor and venue. The flavours they chose were raspberry ripple with rose buttercream and white chocolate mud cake with honey and lemon buttercream, and vintage flowers to decorate. Oh, and the groom loves red velvet cupcakes, so there were loads of those too! I displayed all of this on personally designed rustic wooden cake stands (which I now hire out).


My cake stand!!


The gorgeous venue


The cake.


Plus, I had feedback almost instantly for the happy couple:

“Tess…..thank you for the absolutely delicious cake on Saturday!!! The flowers were beautiful..the cake stand was perfect, and you care and attention to what we wanted and who we are was second to none. The cake set up on the piano was lovely….everyone loved the cake, first tier completely gone, only a few red velvety left and about half of the second tier….it was a hit…so thanks again from Tess and Jack xx” 


2) The second wedding was for Sarah and Dave, a lovely couple I met last year after a wedding fair. They wanted something a little different! They wanted a four tier cake (fruit, chocolate orange, chocolate and lemon), in lemon yellow with white draped pearls on alternate tiers. They also wanted white sugar roses and hydrangeas. 

The venue was absolutely gorgeous too (ironically only 3 minutes up the road from the previous). Plus, I had a lovely email and phone call from the manager of the venue after setting it up:

‘I must admit I am glad you emailed me. We have served your cake and as we always cut them up we always check the quality. Your cakes were really delicious and as someone who has tasted well over 300 wedding cakes, I should know.’




So both went really well! Very tiring, but I don’t care 🙂

Here are a few of the other recent cakes that have been going on:


Steampunk themed wedding cake and toppers (handmade by me)


Vintage wedding cake

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