National wedding show

You know something? Working in the wedding industry is difficult. Don’t get me wrong – its one of the happiest industries to work in, as its such a special time in peoples lives. Thats the problem haha. I see so many wonderful and creative ideas, that I wish I could be organising such a joyful event myself. In time…in time haha.

So myself and my mum jumped on a train and headed to London yesterday. Despite having the sniffles, we had a great time at the National Wedding show. We got there just as it opened, which was a genius idea, as by the time we had gone to every stand, you could barely walk. We talked to so many suppliers, and I came home with half a trees worth of flyers and leaflets. It was amazing how much variety there was in services offered…everything from honeymoon locations to bespoke wedding shoe makers. Talking of which…

TLC Creations   –  These guys make said custom shoes. There was an example at the fair of a pair that a bride had made in honour of her late father. It had printed music on the sides and the bride had copied a letter that her dad had written to her saying ‘I’m very proud of you. Dad x’ and they had printed that onto the back. Lovely sentimental stuff 🙂

It was interesting meeting around 7 different cake makers – all with very different styles. Gave me a good idea of what is going on further north with cake styles and trends. Some of them were going in a totally different direction! One things for sure – each stand seemed to have a LOT of display cakes. I’m amazed they could transport them all. One cake maker had nearly 20 cakes on her stall haha.

Other ones that particularly caught my eye:

Shropshire Petals    –   They grow biodegradable natural petal confetti, wheat sheaves and dried flowers all handpicked from their farm set in Shropshire.

Alphabet Photography    –   They create personalised word art, using photographs of everyday objects that resemble letters of the English alphabet. They present them in gorgeous big photo frames – take a look!

The Stretch Tent co       –   Gorgeous tents!!! They look awesome.

I think I’m going to have to make it a yearly trip! Great fun, and lots of like-minded people 🙂



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