Update of updateness

Hi everyone!

Sitting here munching on chocolate, as its the thing I’m going to attempt to give up for lent. EEEK! I mean, I’ve done it before…for nearly a year! And that was all dairy, not just chocolate. I remember when I did give it up, I felt so much better! I got over the cravings after a week…I think…and didn’t really want it until I tried it again for the first time in months. BOOM. Addition back haha. 

So this bag of Galaxy Counters are being my friend tonight 🙂

In other news, as you facebook-ians will know, I’ve now started to make cake toppers! Exciting stuff, and I absolutely love making them. Makes me very happy! Here are two examples of the toppers:


Traditional bride and groom



C’mon…I’m geeky, what can I say 😀

They are all hand-painted and personalised to whatever requirements and look couples want to go for. Although, saying couples…these can be lovely as little figurines for the house anyway. Or birthdays! I can also make kids and certain pets. 

So if anyone has any questions about them, or fancy getting a quote, just ask 🙂 
I’m selling them on eBay too.

So there is another *top secret for now* thing going on for Chatter Cakes this week, which is really cool. Very excited to show you all! Then this weekend I’m off to Worthing to help out my friend, Prints Charming photobooth, at Belle’s vintage wedding fair (not the Brighton one I’ll be doing next month). Will be cool to do a fair that isn’t me as Chatter Cakes 😀

Anyway, chocolate hasn’t had attention for a few minutes hahaha. I’m off! Have a nice evening everyone 🙂 x


4 thoughts on “Update of updateness

  1. Kirsty says:

    OMG you are giving up chocolate?!?! Good luck girl, much braver than me!! Excellent models, especially the Mario and Peach! Kirsty xx

  2. Dom says:

    I LOVE your little people, what a genius idea!

  3. sleepyru says:

    Cute cute cute. Well, you know I love them! I think there’s a certain diamond wedding anniversary cake coming up that should feature some form of these…? Can u do rodents?!

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