Quite a different day!

So I mentioned that I had an exciting week…it was definitely that! Not only did I have cakes to prepare, which will be put up on my facebook page soon, but on Saturday I was invited to take part in a promotional photo-shoot with the lovely A Most Curious Party in London, for their BridalNEXT. So yesterday I traveled up to London with my cakes to the studio! I took a few behind-the-scenes photos:


Model being pampered!


Preparing set items


LOADS of fancy shoes


Very cute studio kitten 😀


The set-up


All of us gathering around the shots!

Not sure yet when the photos will be out, but I’ll update when they are! It was really interesting, and met plenty of new faces. No matter how much I hate travelling to London, it was a great experience. A brilliant company, with great wedding fairs. Yay!

Some other exciting news this week too, but that can wait for the next update 😉

Much love my readers x


3 thoughts on “Quite a different day!

  1. Robina says:

    Why no picture of cakes? x

  2. I haven’t got them yet! 🙂 waiting for the company to get them done x

  3. sleepyru says:

    Looking forward to seeing the shots 🙂

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