Busy bee update

Happy wednesday everyone! I like wednesdays…half way through, so you can look forward to the weekend, but not be too freaked out that the week is rushing by! I’ve got so much going on that I need to rewind a few days to catch up.

Last night was certainly eventful! I had a cake party planned with a lovely couple that I met at the Eastbourne Wedding Fair at the start of this month. To put a long story short – it started snowing heavily, and getting increasingly icy on the roads on my way to find their house. My car couldn’t handle the ice, and kept sliding everywhere, so I had to call them up to figure out what to do!! The lovely pair drove up to find me in their 4×4 and towed me up towards their house haha. So kind of them, and it was quite an epic start to the cake planning. Had a long chat about their ideas and I’ve got plenty of designing to be doing for them 🙂

Oh the adventures I get into!!

So today I haven’t got any baking to be doing, but I do have a lot of computer work to do. I’ve had an amazing enquiry in for a joint birthday, which I’m quite excited about. I’ve also got to start thinking about an article I’m doing for a brilliant magazine 🙂 debating on what write about – I’ve got several ideas! 

Right – I’m off to find my thinking cap! Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂 x



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