The guilty post

As the title says….I’ve been a bad baker and neglected my blog! Sorry to my readers! I’ve had such a busy and tiring time of it lately that I haven’t had much spare time to update. So I’ll let you know what has been going on…


My set-up

So far I’ve done two wedding fairs this year – one at the Eastbourne Winter Gardens and another at the Hydro Hotel, where I’m their recommended supplier, which is pretty awesome. I told the ladies who ran the fair that it meant a lot to me, as the hotel has been quite a special one within my family’s history. Both fairs were great – and met some lovely couples. One by one meeting with couples from the fairs 🙂

Otherwise, I’ve had a difficult few days trying to get work done amongst the mounds of beautiful, but disrupting, SNOW! Heres the view from my studio:



Can’t really complain too much – how stunning!

I’ve got 3 cake parties coming up this week, and some exciting design related bits going on throughout the week. So pretty busy! I’m just trying to think of what foodie treat to post on here for you guys next 🙂 any suggestions, feel free to post!

Anyway, its way too late…this baker needs her rest. Take care all, and hopefully update soon x


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