A little tip from me to you…

So today I have discovered a quick, cheap and SUPER EASY way of achieving a wonderfully level cake straight from the tin.

Now, normally I wouldn’t have a huge problem with having a slightly domed cake. After all, this means I can just cut it level and munch on the scraps later that day. However, thats just naughty! The suffering us cake makers go through. For my weights sake, and to save wasting cake and time, this new technique is fab. Very simple:

1) Cut a piece of foil that is roughly 2″ wide and around 4″ tall (or an inch above the height of your cake mix in the tin).

2) Bit by bit, start folding over the foil – along the width – so that you end up with it being 4″ long and rectangular.


3) Fill your tin with the cake mix, and once you’ve levelled the mixture as much as possible, push the foil into the middle of the batter, so it just stands up straight. Bake as per usual. This foil distributes the heat better throughout cooking, so you get a more even bake. Which leads to this:


Happy baker!!

Sorry for the rubbish photos – I did them later in the day on my phone. It just gives you an idea. Let me know if any of you try this and how it goes for you šŸ™‚

My back is still VERY painful, but I managed to get 3 cakes baked and marzipaned, the modelled bride and groom are nearly done and roses are half done. There is always SO much to think about when you have two wedding cakes (or any cakes really) due within two days. Thank goodness I’m organised and like making lists!

Chat soon lovelies x


One thought on “A little tip from me to you…

  1. sleepyru says:

    What an amazing idea!

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