When it rains it pours!

So here I am…lying flat in bed! I did a lot of piping work over the weekend, and somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back. I think I didn’t move around enough, and was too busy concentrating! So for the last two days, I’ve been stuck in bed because any other movement hurts. Horrible 😦

I managed to get some work done today though, with the help of a heat-pad, which was a great relief. I have two wedding cakes due this weekend, so I need to get on with things! Luckily, I had pre-prepared some of the decorations, and the fruit cakes are already made in advance, so thats a little stress off. Phew. 

Here is a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to:


Detailed piping work

Much to my delight – The Great British Bake Off it back on tv at the moment. So I’m off to watch it 🙂



One thought on “When it rains it pours!

  1. sleepyru says:

    Once again, perseverance should be your middle name! My friend Ron says hope your back is better soon. xx

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