All thats champagne gold.

Today I delivered the second wedding cake of August so far, to a lovely little venue in the middle of nowhere. I had a particular soft spot for this couple, so I really hope their day was as perfect as the weather was. Although it was a little too sunny for my liking whilst I was setting up the cake, as the reception was being held in a giant marquee, which had been warming up for hours. Phew – boiling!


A gorgeous champagne gold theme. It was a little difficult to get the lighting right to take proper photos, so this is the best I could get, but it gives you an idea. They loved one of my previously made wedding cakes, so I personalised a version of it for their day. 
At one point of setting this cake up, one of the women who worked at the venue came up to me and asked if I was going to the wedding. I said no, and she asked if I was related to the couple. I said no again, saying that I am a cake decorator. She just said ‘oh!’….to which I simply replied: ‘my age?’….she said yes and laughed. People really don’t expect me to be the owner of this company – its so funny. Do I look that young? In fact: this is me at work…


What do you guys think? Usually, ignoring me, who do you imagine when you think of a cake maker? Just out of curiosity haha.

They also had such a lovely little wishing well on the side of the marquee – wish I had taken a photo.

So I’m relaxing tonight – AT LAST! I’ve been nibbling on a bar of galaxy and watching a Rob Schneider film. Thats when you know you’re too tired to bother with anything hehe. I’ve got so much work this summer – with 3 more bookings recently. 

I will post very soon 🙂 x have a lovely weekend everyone


3 thoughts on “All thats champagne gold.

  1. sleepyru says:

    The thing I don’t get is how you can possibly ‘nibble’ a bar of chocolate. Me I just look at it for a second, then it’s ‘om nom nom nom nom…’ and then it isn’t there any more. I wish I had the restraint to nibble instead of chomp…
    Oh and cake makers (in my past) were always 40-something… but that didn’t mean they were necessarily as talented as a certain Ms ChatterCakes. Not that I’m biased or anything… it’s TRUE!

  2. thepartidiva10 says:

    Reblogged this on ITS PARTITYME 21st Century and commented:
    Are you incorporating the color Gold into your Wedding? Check out this Beautiful Cake in Champagne Gold!

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