Birthday cake and such!

So today is mine and Mr CC’s birthday. Woo hoo! 22 years old…and guess what…

I had to take a 2 hour nap half way through the day. Old lady or what! I was so tired from the last week, plus my health being quite bad (nothing food related btw!), that I needed to catch up on the rest.

Anyway…we’ve had a lovely day, and just gobbled up a take-out curry from our favourite curry house. Whilst my stomach is resting from the over eating of today, I thought I’d update.

I had some present opening with my parents this morning, and gave Mr CC his gifts. I had bought him personalised stainless steel chopsticks, and also made a personalised photo frame out of computer keyboard buttons, which spelt out various things such as ‘happy birthday’ and our names 2012. However, every year we are competitive with our present giving to each other…and I think that Glenn waaaay out-did me this year…

Get this…he spent the last month making me…


Cake maker Tess goes on a mission to rescue a wedding cake from evil cake monsters in time for the wedding. How awesome is that??

On top of that, he also bought me a green hoodie with a slice of cake on the front – a reference to the computer game Portal, which we both loved.

I also made us a birthday cake and cupcakes. The main cake was white chocolate mud cake, with cherry buttercream and fresh cherries, with a chocolate ganache finish. This was made because Mr CC’s favourite ice cream is Cherry Garcia! The cupcakes are marble, with white chocolate (blue) buttercream….and superheros…



So all in all, a wonderful day. Restful, surprising and full of my loved ones.

I wish I could show you all that Chatter Cakes game… 😀

Best wishes friends x

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