Wedding cakes and birthdays

Hello you lovely people of the blogging world 🙂

Sorry it has been a few days again since I last updated. You would not believe the amount of things that have gone wrong this past week! The wedding cake that I have been working on simply did not want to cooperate with me, particularly as they were:

a) Mini cakes (*starts running for the hills to get away from the darn things*)
b) Gluten free mini cakes (*is now sobbing on the other side of the hill*)

Now I love mini cakes – in theory. They are great little things…if I wasn’t the one making them! Still…I managed to get it all done and delivered in plenty of time today. There wasn’t brilliant lighting for taking photos, but here is what I did get…

I hope the happy couple had a lovely day. The venue looked lovely, and the groom looked so happy when I saw him before I left.

In other news – its mine and Mr CC’s birthday tomorrow!! Yay! I’ll be 22, and he will be 28. I’ve had such a mad year, where no week was anywhere near predictable. My life has completely changed…in some ways great, in others…well, they still need working on. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what my 22nd year will bring.

So for tonight thats it – but I’ll be updating soon with birthday related images 😉

Best wishes x

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