Introducing my little bear friend…


We have nicknamed him Gerry (well, I say we – but really it was Mr CC’s request!). I created him for a little girl’s birthday cake, and I wish I could keep him. Completely made of sugarpaste 🙂

So my birthday is creeping closer by the day, as is Mr CC’s (we share the same birthday), so I’m getting all of his presents prepared. I’m almost done – I’m that organised. Obviously, I can’t list what I’ve done on here yet because he may well look at my blog without me knowing. However, I will post the pictures afterwards.
Birthdays are an odd day for me…I’ve never really liked them much. Partly because I’m one of those people that love to plan parties or gifts for other people, and don’t get much joy out of receiving them myself. Most of the time anyway hehe. I hope this year will be a better year than last year, which ended up being a total nightmare, with both of us having to drive home from Southampton (a two hour journey) at past midnight because we didn’t have anywhere to stay. Heres hoping 🙂

As for Chatter Cakes, I’ve got a LOAD of fruit cakes to begin baking in preparation of the August wedding cakes. I’m also going to be mega organised and make the majority of my flowers in advance, while I’ve got a quiet week ahead.

I’m also thinking about my next bake to make…debating more like anyway.

For now though, I’m off to get ready to go out and see The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema! I’ve been waiting for this film for so long now. The film nerd part of me (part? pah, all of me!) is so excited.

On another note – my thoughts go out to anyone out there in Aurora who have been affected by the recent cinema shootings. Horrible horrible news. I hope the guy who did it is sentenced.

Take care all x


2 thoughts on “Introducing my little bear friend…

  1. Wow! amazing birthday cake. Its so delicious, good design & well decorated. I appreciate all hard work for making it. Thanks for sharing this with us………

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