Cake for thought

I’ve spent hours today completely cleaning the Chatter Box from top to bottom….re-arranging storage, checking stock etc. I’ve been looking forward to having a day to fully sort out my work space, particularly as my busiest summer so far is quickly approaching. Dead excited, and feeling fully prepared. I’ve planned out day by day what I’m up to for the next two weeks. I’m particularly looking forward to making the modelled couple for a wedding cake in late august. 

So since the cupcake competition, I’ve had quite a lot on my mind. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to aim for with Chatter Cakes. I’ve been making a list of ideas and ambitions. At this point in time, its really hard to remember that I haven’t had Chatter Cakes running for even a year yet…but I have so many hopes, and I’m determined to achieve big things 🙂 

As for this lovely blog – what do you all want to see from me? Any recipes in particular? Any tips?

Oooh and I’m being featured in an article thingy in Your Sussex Wedding magazine soon, which is cool. Hopefully I will be again at the end of the year 🙂

Right – I’m off! Night everyone x


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