Cupcake jars

Hello everyone! Back from my trip to London for the National Cupcake Championships – now with added aching legs, zombie-like tiredness and a lot of new information on my mind. It was a long day! Sadly, I did not get placed this year, but it was still a new experience. Not bad getting into the finals for my first competition anyway! I also met the wonderful Ms Cupcake and had a great chat, and will hopefully be meeting with her at some point in the future. Very inspirational lady, who has given me plenty to think about in regards to Chatter Cakes and where I want things to go. But more on that another day šŸ™‚

So, to todays bake….

I was baking up a madeira cake for a birthday cake due this weekend, and decided to make a few cupcake jars while I was waiting around. I chose to make…

Double chocolate cupcakes with ginger buttercream



These are great as a dessert – just dig in with a spoon šŸ˜‰

Use your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe, with some added chocolate chips, and whip up a batch of buttercream:

2oz softened butter
4oz icing sugar, sifted
Drizzle of syrup from a jar of stem ginger – to taste.

– Beat the icing sugar and butter together until light and fluffy, then add the syrup.

Always use sterilised or new jars for this!

– Cut the cupcakes into rounds.Ā 
– Place the first round into the bottom of the jar.
– Pipe a layer of buttercream on top, with your chosen large nozzle (I used a star nozzle). Repeat until the jar is full, making sure that the top has buttercream. The fab thing is, if you make sure they aren’t TOO full, you can screw the lid on and they will be kept nice and airtight šŸ™‚

I was tempted to make a raspberry buttercream for this recipe, but I knew Mr CC would love the ginger buttercream. It would work well either way though!Ā 


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