Picnic for two

I had such a wonderful night last night. Mr CC and I decided to have a mini indoors picnic (sadly the weather wasn’t good enough to have one outside…yet!!). He spent the day cleaning (oh yes, he’s that wonderful), and I spent the day baking treats for our feast. I spent ages in the supermarket thinking up ideas, and here were three:

Individual quiche lorraine

I loved preparing all this yummy food for our picnic, even though I managed to burn my arm quite badly on the oven. However, seeing as I’ve been baking for AGES and I’ve managed to scrape by with only tiny burns, I’m pretty ok with it =]

So in other news…only one week left to go until the National Cupcake Championships. Eeeek! I’ve got to cram in a little last minute practise, but I think I’m ready. I’m dead excited to meet all the other bakers and see what the ‘presentations’ they are giving us will be. I hope they like my recipe enough. Nerves!

Anyway, today is my day off. So I’m logging off! Happy sunday everyone x


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