Mango cupcakes with honey and cardamom buttercream

Today is my first day back into the Chatter Box after a few days off. Now these few days were spent relaxing and recovering as my immune system is terrible, and it also allowed for a lot of flavour ideas to come about. There was one in particular I was craving. Mango! I haven’t had it in ages, and with all this suddenly nice weather, it felt just right.

So after much brainstorming in my mind bank of flavour combinations, mango, honey and cardamom was created. Oh yeah, and I have been wanting to have some fun with sugar decorations for a while, so this was an excuse 🙂


I put a small amount of mango puree inside, just for that extra oomph of flavour! For a randomly made up recipe, it turned out really well – so light and more-ish. Plus, they looked cute in the little cup cases. Shame I was too impatient to let the cupcakes fully cool before putting the buttercream on top *oops*  slightly melted. But still…OM.

Hopefully will add this recipe to the list for the possible book I’m putting together…wink wink…

Have a good evening everyone x

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