Dedication cake

This is one tired baker reporting back on todays cake delivery. I’ll keep it short, and if you start to see something like this:


…I’ve fallen asleep 😉

The Dedication cake I’ve been working on was due this afternoon, and I was actually staying for the whole thing. Lovely people, lovely words said, and people really seemed to like the cake. So all in all, yay! Here is the cake:


For some reason wordpress seems to be messing with the colours a bit, but it was a light teal-ish colour, with darker blue detail. The three top blocks were dairy free mini madeira cakes, and the top two tiers were Madeira, with the bottom one being rich chocolate. Om. I was the one who had to cut the cake up, which I never like doing in all honesty. All those hours of work – GONE in less than half the time, with only a trail of crumbs to mark its existence. And some photos. And happy people munching. Ok, a little dramatic, but you know what I mean! In all fairness, I was the popular one with the kids for a short amount of time 😉  oh yes.

I have vowed to have a relaxing day tomorrow, but I am starting the day with a meeting with an owner of a cake shop down the road from me who may need my services…very exciting! I do love meeting other people in the baking industry, I get way too enthusiastic haha. Though, and Mr CC and I were discussing this earlier, I would love to meet Jamie Oliver. I think hes fab, and would love to talk about all the amazing things he does in the food industry. One day!!!

I feel a yawn coming on, so that is my sign to log off.
Much love x

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2 thoughts on “Dedication cake

  1. NickkiT says:

    That is a fantastic looking cake! Brilliant work 🙂

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