21st birthday cake – bloke style!

So the last few days have been really manic. I delivered a 21st birthday cake yesterday, and I have a dedication cake due tomorrow. I’ve had a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but this weather has been really difficult to work in, as its been going from hot to cold all the time. It makes my icing temperamental!! It turns into a stroppy teenager of the icing world. 

Anyway, so this 21st birthday cake was based on the birthday boy’s love of rugby, and his profession as a brick layer. It was a fun cake to put together, although I had a sugar-model disaster half way through. It was horrendously windy yesterday, and the door slammed shut and shook the Chatter Box enough to knock the model I’d just made off of the table! Nightmare! Here it is:



And other FABULOUS news….

I received a letter today saying that I have gotten into the finals of the National Cupcake Week competition. Only people with a bakery business were allowed to enter, so its up against all professionals. Chuffed to pieces, and I can’t wait until the final in London. I was literally jumping up and down this morning, I was so happy =D

Right, its my day off of my diet, so I’m going to stop writing, grab the packet of chocolate buttons I bought earlier and relax with Mr CC 🙂

Happy weekend all x


3 thoughts on “21st birthday cake – bloke style!

  1. Flossie says:

    Matt loved his 21st birthday cake! It tasted delicious too. Thank you very much for making it for him x

  2. Flossie says:

    By the way congratulations on getting through to the finals too! 😃

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