The day of hot baking!

Wow, today is BOILING. I’ve been preparing all day for the second of 3 cake consultations this week. Tonights couple seem really lovely, and they’ve picked some great cake flavours to test. Including one that I rarely get the chance to make – Red Velvet cake! Or as I dub it…marmite cake. Some people love it, some people hate it. As for myself, I think its quite nice, but by no means my favourite flavour. It can be really impressive because of its colour in some cakes, so I completely get the appeal for that reason. I took a quick shot of it:


Its quite difficult to judge the amount of red colouring to use, as too little makes the whole idea a little pointless as its just brown! However, I think I got it spot on today. 

So one more cake consultation tomorrow with a good friend of mine, and some treats to prepare for a birthday this weekend. Ooh and its only two weeks to go until the finalists of the cupcake competition are announced. Fingers crossed!

Right, off to the cake party I go…
Have a good evening everyone! x 


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