World Baking day!

Happy world baking day everyone 🙂

I have very quickly put together a cakey creation to celebrate today. It is not the best I’ve done, but I’m still recovering from yesterdays operation and I had Mr Chatter Cakes nagging me to take it easy! So here it is:

Raspberry ripple chocolate cake


#CAKING – snapped in a strange place 😉

Chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache. Ripples of raspberry buttercream on the outside. Here are two more photos to show in more detail:




I wish I had more energy to do a better job of it, but for today, it will do! This effect is achieved by using a petal piping tube, and moving it side to side to form a ribbon look.

So Mr CC and I have been thinking of new ideas for Chatter Cakes. I know that in the future I would love to help plan weddings, particularly the non-traditional ones. There is something magical and so rewarding about giving advice to help couples have a truly personal and memorable day. I get that a lot from simply helping to create a perfect cake for them, but I have so many creative ideas I want to share in other formats. Craft being one! Heres hoping that someday I can go on to bigger and even more rewarding things 🙂 but cakes will always be my first love and obsession…after all, it saved me 🙂

Much love to you all, and enjoy the rest of your weekend x


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