The day that reminded me of christmas…

So as you can probably all tell, today’s weather has been pretty dire. Well, actually, that wasn’t true this morning. I woke up to lovely sunshine, and as soon as I got my bike ready to go out for a lovely bike ride, it tipped it down with rain. Boo.

Anyway, so I had a cake consultation booked in this afternoon, but not much else for this rainy monday. This allowed me to think up a new recipe to show you all tonight! I’m going to add this as another submission for NCW. It’s sliiiightly off season, but the weather made me think this recipe up…

Apple and Cinnamon cupcakes with mulled wine buttercream


Moist apple and cinnamon cake, with mulled wine soaked sultanas, and mulled wine buttercream.
Really warming on a day like this πŸ™‚

I always have loved the smell of mulled wine. It takes me right back to when I was little, when the house would almost absorb the smell of the fresh mulled wine for weeks around December time. It was always frustrating to me that although it smelt wonderful, I couldn’t stand the taste of the wine part. Still…I stood watching the cinnamon sticks float around in circles in the pan that seemed to always be heating up a fresh batch for whoever popped by.

If anyone would like the recipe, feel free to ask!

Have a lovely evening everyone x

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3 thoughts on “The day that reminded me of christmas…

  1. Ruth Kenward says:

    Christmas in May… Welcome to my world!

  2. janna says:

    Pretty pls could I have the recipe for the apple and cinnamon cupcakes they sound scrummy x

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