The day trip to Brighton

I had such a lovely day in Brighton today! Glenn and I just walked around the Lanes casually…such a rarity that I get to walk around without having to rush or get somewhere in particular. What luxury!

I managed to get myself some new craft bits and pieces, including some more wax for my stamp, a new display box I simply fell in love with and some amazing new camera lenses…FOR MY IPHONE. Oh yes, thats right. They are so adorable, and I managed to get a little set of three. Here are some photos to show you what they are like…

Set of three lenses



^ Macro lens


^ Fisheye lens

I very quickly took these photos to show it off, so they aren’t the best quality. I also didn’t have time to use the wide angle lens that was also included, but it gives you an idea. Well worth getting to save carting my professional camera around, which I’m way too protective over!

So after finding those beauties, Glenn and I searched for somewhere to stop our stomachs from rumbling like thunder. After checking out menus of around…I’d say 9 cafes, we stopped by this place:


Much to Glenn’s shock…I’ve never had a pasty before. Shameful, I know. Equally, I have never been to Cornwall, so thats my excuse!


So as we chowed down on our pasties (me: chicken, Glenn: traditional), I noticed to the side of us there was a stand in the middle of the street selling very intriguing looking baked items. I couldn’t stop staring at it, and I just had to buy something off of the table. Thank goodness today was my day off of the diet I’ll tell you that!
Look what treats we bought:

Meringue ginger cake, with meringue mushrooms


So stunning and creative…not to mention ever so delicious. It tasted like a mixture of christmas cake and Jamaican Ginger cake.

‘Peach’ shortbread


It was so creative and interesting. The best part? You actually ate it like a peach. I’ve got to try making some of these in cake form…amazing!

I’m now back resting at home, thinking up what I want to bake tomorrow haha. Last day of my week off. Quite happy to be getting back to work though 🙂 anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone.



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