The day I submit my cupcakes!!

Today I finally submitted my recipes for National Cupcake week 2012! How exciting! I really wanted to enter last year, but I was too late by 2 days, so I baked some cupcakes to sell in the cafe I was working in instead and raised money for CLIC sargent. I really support what they do as a charity, so I’m over the moon to be able to help raise money. That part won’t be until september, but you can guarantee I’ll be selling charity cupcakes that week 🙂
Here is the link to find out more information:

CLIC sargent fundraising

You don’t have to be a professional to take part and try to raise money, so get thinking up some ideas for cupcake flavours!

Back to my submission though! I created two cupcake recipes for the competition; one in the ‘made with alcohol’ section and another in the ‘classic’ section. I think I may well be in with a chance, so I can only cross my fingers and wait to hear. Here are the photos of the cupcakes I entered:

Lemon thyme and Limoncello


 ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ cupcakes


Finalists are announced on June 11th, so not too long to wait!

So tomorrow Glenn and I are heading to Brighton for the day, which I can’t wait for. I haven’t been to Brighton for quite a while, and I’m just dying to have a good rummage through the flea market in the Lanes. Inspiration heaven. I’m also hoping to find some nice little cafes dotted around that I can check out 🙂 PLUS it is my day off of my diet, so I can have some normal food again. Woo hoo!

But for now my friends, I am going to watch the kick-ass film that is ‘Taken’ with my Glenn.

I have a very particular set of skills…

Good night x


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