Day three of evil diet!

Sorry for the radio(ish) silence over the last few days! I’ve just begun a horribly frustrating diet, and today is day three. Very low carb diet, with limited sugar and dairy. Trust me, I’ve had quite a few people laughing at the idea of a cake maker avoiding carbs. I can’t help but facepalm myself when I think about it, but it is desperately needed!

I’m doing really well so far if I do say so myself. I’ve deliberately avoided making any bakes for non-work purposes for at least the first few days of this diet. I keep staring at cakes hopelessly…I think if my evil glares at cake could…well…damage…there would be exploding cupcakes everywhere by now. KAPOW.

So I’ve actually got a bit of a week off this week, as I’ve needed some time to rest. Of course, this is me. C’mon. I can’t tear myself away from Chatter Cakes even if I was forced to. So today I’ve been busy making some new business ‘cards’. Had a fun day crafting up our dinner table with brightly coloured sheets of gorgeous craft paper and cutters. Heres a photo of what I’ve done so far…they aren’t finished!


Apologise for the rubbish photo…it was near the end of the evening and I couldn’t be bothered to find my proper camera.

So I know this is only a tiny update, with no tempting photos or yumminess, but I thought I’d say what I’ve been up to 🙂

Wish me luck on the rest of this week…it may be a long one…


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