The day when that drama has finished…

Phew! What a week! This morning at 10am I finished the cake due today for a 40th birthday party. I bought lovely new topsy turvy tins to help with making the cake, as they seemed to be a brilliant idea. Saves sculpting the shape, which can take quite a while sometimes.
They were rubbish!
So I ended up carving them myself anyway! Tsk. So days of stressing finally finished today and took shape in the form of…


I loved making the details and piping on the cake, so it was good fun in the end 🙂 especially these little fellas…


Sure, they may have slightly crazy eyes…but they have feelings too! haha

So the cake got collected from the Chatter Box at 11am, and I’ve spent the rest of the day cleaning the studio from head to toe. Its sparkling now! I got some yummy bits ready for a double cake party tomorrow (can’t wait!), including a white chocolate mud cake, which is smelling good while cooling down in the other room.

But for now, I’m going to chill out and enjoy a pasta bake that Glenn has made for dinner.
Hes lovely he is 🙂

Have a fab weekend all x 


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