The day that I finally liked coffee….

..well, sort of. Anyone who knows me would know I don’t drink hot drinks. I have always loved the smell of coffee, but hated the taste. However! Today, while making a 87th birthday cake of chocolate cake with coffee buttercream, I tried the buttercream to see how strong it was, and I liked it!! SHOCK! 
Quite happy with this revelation to be honest. Probably won’t like drinking coffee still, but this is a step forward.


I thought I’d take a quick picture of the cake, as I was about to run out of the door to go to an appointment.

Chocolate cake with coffee buttercream (and dark chocolate coffee beans)


Not the best photo I’ve taken, but gives an idea 🙂

So after finishing this cake for the birthday boy, I had a meeting with a local bakery owner about providing celebration cakes and every so often some yummy cakes and confectionary. Which sounds brilliant to me! He has a lovely little shop – honest prices, and honest, simple food. Sarnies, salads, baked goods, all homemade…and a lovely man. For any Eastbourne based people, this is ‘Carlisle Bakery & Gifts’ in Carlisle Road.

I’ve got a 40th birthday topsy turvy cake due for friday, so I’m going to start on that tomorrow. But for now…a little rest again.

Night all x


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