Good friday

Finally have my feet up and am relaxing. Been busy since 11am until…5 minutes ago! Haven’t stopped except for dinner. Phew!!

Todays bakes were: chocolate and marzipan cake (yes, weird I know…but customer knows best!), 11 fruit cakes, a gluten-free chocolate mousse tart for tomorrow’s grandparent visit – which I’ll try take a picture of for you all – and last but not least…the tradition…

Chocolate egg nests


I have very fond memories of making these every year since I was very little. Although, as with most children, I’m fairly sure more of the chocolate ended up in my mouth before it got to the bowl! I remember loving the melting process – which to this day still fascinates me. Although, now I know a lot more about the science of melting and tempering chocolate to get it perfect. I always thought it was a shame to add all the flakes into the glossy chocolate mass sitting in front of me…but I wouldn’t say that an hour or so later when I was munching these bad boys down – sneaking a few to my bedroom for later *yes mum, I know you knew*.

To this day, I put my love of food down to a little something called ‘pretend cooking’ – a form of ‘lets keep the kids busy’ from my childhood. My mum would find a mixture of all the items in the cupboards that were nearly out of date (flour, cereal, oats), plus some regular items (cocoa powder, milk etc), and put them on a tray for us to create something. Now, I’m sure that you would expect that anything we put together out of such items would taste disgusting…

…and you would be correct! However, I think it was a wonderful way of getting my mind to think creatively with food, and to discover different consistencies and tastes, even if it wasn’t quite correct. Plus sometimes I knew the taste didn’t work, but still enjoyed making others try it haha.
I remember those days clearly, and will always be glad I had the opportunity to experiment with cooking. I’m sure its part of what got me to where I am today.

Anyway, away from being sentimental now. I’ve hopefully got a slightly more relaxed day tomorrow, with only a little bit of baking (yes, I’m obsessed!).

Goodnight my chatty friends x


2 thoughts on “Good friday

  1. sleepyru says:

    Aw lovely blog post. (and of course I knew!) such a talented photographer as well as such a good cook… That’s such a tasteful shot of your nesties! Looking forward to tasting that gluten free pud you’ve done for Brian.

  2. Thank you =] muchos love x

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