Cakes glorious cakes…

I’ve been very busy today baking cake samples to take to Cake Parties! I may have made slightly larger batches than normal to sneak in a few for the cupboards…  😉
Had a lovely Cake Party tonight in St. Leonards. I turned up armed with samples of carrot, chocolate, lemon, madeira and fruit cake. I thought I would share photos of two of these cakes (my favourite two!) that I made today.

Carrot cake


 Yes, that is a carrot bow =]

Rich chocolate madiera cake (with hot chocolate)


I love doing Cake Parties…it may be a lot of effort for each one, but I do enjoy the feedback and ensuring that each couple I meet with are totally happy that they are going to be getting what they want for their big day. Its definitely interesting seeing who likes which cake each time…do I have to tell you who instantly asks to taste the chocolate cake first?

I have two more days crammed with baking! Working on a celebration cake and hopefully some easter themed items tomorrow. I best get some playlists set up for the weekend – got to have good tunes! Anyone have any recommendations? Something new =]

Now time to consider catching some ‘zzzz’ x


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