Day of rest

For the first day in quite a while, there has been no baking in the Chatter Box. I originally had a whole day booked up with an appointment, which annoyingly got rescheduled! However, this never stops me from thinking about what to blog about next.

On a separate note, what I love about starting this blog, and what I’ve been doing all along since starting Chatter Cakes, is being able to photograph all my products. For those who don’t know me, I originally went to university to do photography. I do love taking photos, and I’ve missed using my lovely camera. My business has given me a chance to re-start my love for it. I just hope that I can create images that people enjoy looking at  =]

But back to food…

The other day I came across a jar of ‘Ginger Curd’. Maybe I’ve missed out for a long time, but I never knew that this product existed! How yum. I think this will stay at the top of my list of ‘to use’ in one of my bakes. I’m thinking perhaps as a pastry filling, or even maybe with macaroons. Mmmm recipe to follow soon hopefully!!

I’ve also thought of what I will make for Easter weekend. I’ve got one traditional item that I’ve made pretty much every year since I was little, and one that I’ve never made before, but have always wanted to. I’ve also got my grandparents visiting this saturday coming, so I might make a Simnel cake for then.

It’s going to be a mad few days of baking, especially as I have a Cake Party to prepare for tomorrow evening, and a celebration cake due sunday on top of that.

But….I LOVE IT. In fact, today being the first day in ages I haven’t made something, I felt a little down because of it. Back to the ovens tomorrow!

G’night all x 


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