Treacle and lemon tart

I’m Tess and I have a baking problem. I can’t help but want to bake a treat for people that come and visit me. Take tomorrow for example…I have a lovely lady coming to visit me from What’s On magazine about a wedding fayre I’m going to take part in at the end of the year at Herstmonceux castle (oh yes, I’m very excited!!).
So my brain thinks…

‘Oooh new person, what can I feed them?!’

Not that I’d force feed her of course *mwuhaha*
Anyway, after much deliberation, I settled on the idea of a treacle tart! I haven’t made them before, and thought it was a light, sweet treat…perfect.

Treacle and Lemon tart


– Shortcrust pastry (I used my own recipe, but you can get it shop-bought)
– 250g golden syrup
– 75g white bread crumbs
– 1 lemon, zest and juice
– 1 egg

This recipe involves partly blind baking the tart, and then baking until the filling is gently set.

I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt! The smell was lovely while it was cooking. Not only did I make these tarts, but I also made a non-cooked chocolate tart – a kind of mixture between a cheesecake and a tart =] yum!

What have you all been baking lately? Or cooking? (I’m not biased lol)
Comments are welcome – bring on the Chatter!


2 thoughts on “Treacle and lemon tart

  1. Flossie says:

    I made a Victoria sponge today for a funeral for a lovely lady in our church. Tomorrow I am planning to make flapjack for me and banana loaf at my daughters request. Yummy!

  2. Mmmm sounds like you’re a good person to know too =P
    I do love banana loaf – one of my favourites! Especially if you chuck a few choc chips in 😉

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