I’ve been baking away today, in preparation of my sister coming home from Cheltenham for her birthday. Good excuse to make something yummy as my present to her! Shes always been a big lemon fan, so I thought I’d base a cake around that for her. After all, what do my family expect me to give as presents nowadays?!  =]

This is such a perfect cake for this time of year (or at least the weather we have right now, long may it last!). I find it hard to get drawn into making a rich chocolate cake in beautiful sunny weather. Way too heavy! Its interesting that as time goes by – and the more recipes I discover and create – I find myself leaning towards fruit or spice based cakes. Nothing seems more appealing than to make a moist, light carrot cake, or a lemon tart. No more hiding under duvets with hot drinks and rich comforting bakes. Bring on fresh, ‘afternoon tea’ bakes!

So here it is…Lemon and Blueberry meringue cake…

A rough outline of the ingredients involved in this cake:

– 375g self-raising flour, softened butter and golden caster sugar.
– 6 large eggs.
– 2tsp Baking Power
– Zest of 2 lemons, and juice of one.
Tiny amount of vanilla extract
– A few sprinkled blueberries
– 75ml double cream
– 3tbsp lemon curd
– Blueberries

I then put halved blueberries and lemon curd in the middle, and topped with a lemon curd cream.
For an extra treat I added some homemade blue striped mini-meringues! Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the centre, and great fun to make of course =]

Everyone loved the cake, half of it was quickly demolished! My sister’s other half, bless him, said:

‘I’ve never been speechless over food before’.

I’m ever so lucky to have such great Guinea pigs support from family and friends.

Anyway, this baker is running out of chatter…its getting late!
Goodnight everyone x

Lemon and Blueberry meringue cake


4 thoughts on “Lemon and Blueberry meringue cake

  1. Kate kenward says:

    Really lovely looking blog tess. U seem to be doing so well! I can’t wait until I need a ‘bespoke’ cake. Hmm I’m sure I can find an excuse!

  2. Jk says:

    Confirming scrumptious qualities of T’s sponge cakes!

  3. Flossie says:

    Cake is very satisfying! I enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to hearing more about your baking in the coming months.

  4. Thank you everyone =] glad you like my blog x

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