Start the chatter…

Cake maker, food lover and creative thinker. This is my little space to chat about what I do, what I love and what creations I have made.

For those who don’t personally know me, I am Tess.


I am 21 years old, and a cake maker in East Sussex (UK). My company is Chatter Cakes, and I create bespoke cakes for all occasions. Gee, I am so used to saying that sentence! Bit of an automatic description. Anyway, this blog is partly to talk about what I’m up to with Chatter Cakes, but also to share my love of all things food. And occasionally drinks I hope. I adore making cakes, and it is my first baking love, but I can’t help but want to create other yummy things too.

A lot of people ask me about why or how I came about being a cake maker…

‘especially at your age!’

Simple answer? Baking fascinates me! The science, the creativity involved…
Long answer? Baking brings lightness and happiness to my life. Sometimes I like to think that as my cakes rise in the oven, so does my happiness.

But more on that another day  =]

For now, I’ll just finish this first post by saying welcome! Let the chatter begin…


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